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As days come and go and years pass , everything around us changes. We can always argue if the change is good or not, and that is a topic that can be debated on forever. My take is change is change, and I opt to leave it at that because opinions of man are many and differ from one head to another.

Technology has changed our lives and has become viral to an extent that its hard to ignore its presence and how much it is constantly advancing so much so that failure to adapt will leave us in the cold and out of touch with the world today. Even though some people are reluctant to follow suite, it is both fortunate and unfortunate that technology is evolving and affects our livelihood.

This poses a challenge to every individual and business out there to follow the trend of the changing technology to remain relevant and competitive. The digital environment has become the new way of doing things in the work environment and in our homes too. The opportunities that are brought about by technology are great and they require you to grasp in order to “fit in” with the tech-savvy bunch .Its more like its not optional its a must. Below is a graph by the Daily reckoning, indicating the growth of digital usage


The numbers above indicate the growth of the digital world, and as it is often said ‘numbers do not lie’,the same applies to the above graph. The opportunities for businesses and individuals are too many within the digital/technological space. What is required is:


  • Must acquire the skills
  • Learn more about the digital world
  • Understand how it works and how to apply it

All these will help any individual thirsty to succeed, as the labor intensive systems are becoming the thing of the past and the capital intensive is the new way of doing things. You are able to feature in it if you are well equipped.


Understanding and learning about the digital usage for the business environment leads to the following important aspects which are important for any business in existence;

  • Cost cutting
  • Efficiency
  • More/potential business
  • Growth
  • <img src="Finance Tecnology.jpg" Finance Technology">

Companies that have adapted technology as a model of business development from the get go, have seen great results thus far. I am not going to go on a cliche rampage and name “big” brands that have been successful at this or name them as examples, i’ll start right here, at eNitiate Integrated Solutions. As a financial health eNitiator , my success is in what I do and how I make certain I initiate it into my daily work. I will take what is known and understood by me as an example, the companies that have switched from manual accounting ,to systems like Pastel  can attest to the efficiency it has effected in their businesses. And truly it simplifies and centralizes the whole accounting system click here  to read more about the testimonials from the users on how the system has created efficiency and cut costs.

<img src="Finance technology.png" alt="Financ etechnology">


The downside of it all is that companies will switch from capital intensive labor, which will see many people with less skills being out of jobs. It is important that as companies opt for new systems, they consider training internal staff instead of outsourcing skills at the expense of loyal long serving staff  lack the required skills. If the cost is a problem, get a few equipped people internally to train the rest of the staff, that will create a win-win situation for both the company and its employees.


Amidst the negativity that may be surrounding technology and its growth, the relevance and competitiveness that comes with being bitten by the digital bug maketh the man better and knowledgeable. We are citizens of the world as globalization is a reality and not a dream anymore, adapt and do not be left behind.

‘Allow thyself an opportunity to learn what you do not know, it might be the best thing that has ever happened in your life. ’ – Lesedi Mamabolo, Financial health eNitiator.

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