My Diary of #SocialMedia Week in Mumbai – Intro

I am in Mumbai, India, for Social Media Week, alternatively called #SMWMumbai. I got the bug from #SMWLagos in February this year, and I plan to attend as many of these gatherings as I can in the future.

There are 7 other cities hosting Social Media Week this week, most of which are in the developed world in the US and Europe. As an entrepreneur who is looking for inspiration and opportunities, I chose a city in the developing world, because the future of digital technology and communications lies in this part of the world. 3 other criteria determined my choice for Mumbai and not Bogota or Sao Paulo: 1) South Africa and India are members of BRICS; 2) the 2 countries share rich history that dates back to 19th century; and 3) there is a fair amount of English that is spoken by the Mumbaikars, thankfully.

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Mumbai is the financial and communications capital of and most populous city in India – also the 4th most populous in the world – with over 20 million people. The city is located in the west of this country of 130 million inhabitants.

While finding inspiration from exploring Mumbai’s culture and history, and attending #SMWMumbai, I shall be keeping a daily diary of my key highlights for the next 7 days :)


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