My Diary of #SocialMedia Week in Mumbai – Day 2

I spent day 2 in Mumbai exploring a part of this city called West Andheri. The rickshaws came in handy for public transport, and I enjoyed the affordable but bumpy ride that cost me 220 Rupees (about 44 South African Rands) in total.

Transport (self-)regulation in Mumbai is quite intriguing, given lanes that are not clearly demarcated, and robots are frequently not observed. I also noticed that there was no traffic policing for all the time that I was on the road on this 2nd day in Mumbai. Despite all this, there was harmonious driving by vehicles of all sizes, assisted by incessant honking that was used to let other drivers stay alert and give way where necessary. What seemed like a normal practice of pedestrian jay-walking added to the mix, and made my observations more interesting. This all seemed like organised chaos at work, and it made my bumpy rickshaw ride from east to west and back all worth it.

Here is a taste of my rickshaw return trip, captured on my iPhone 5:



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