Telling The #DEMOAfrica 2016 Story – In Tweet Numbers

#DEMOAfrica 2016 Conference – a platform for worthy startups seeking to attract funders and partners as part of taking their businesses to the next level – was successfully hosted by the City of Johannesburg from the 25th to the 26th of August 2016. [highlight] TWEET THIS [/highlight]

This conference has grown from strength to strength since its inauguration in 2012 in Nairobi. It was held twice in this techno-savvy East African city and twice in Lagos in the past four years. Johannesburg hosted it for the first time this year. 27 startups from Cape to Cairo ( no pun intended) participated, and they came from various areas including energy, health, financial services, art, IT, water, transport, communications and even gardening.

It is now time to crunch the numbers to see how this event performed on Twitter.

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Overall analysis

We analysed over 4,500 #DEMOAfrica tweets that were published from 18 to 27 August 2016.

Here are the overall stats:


Note that there were 829 contributors to the hashtag. [highlight] TWEET THIS [/highlight]

The top 10 most active contributed a whopping 38% (or 1776)!


The number of contributors indicates the high level of engagement, where each of them posted on average 5.6 tweets.


Contributors to the original #DEMOAfrica tweets

We are in the top 10 contributors to the original tweets that make up 16% of the total volume being analysed.


Top 10 photographers

It is an accepted fact that visual content elicits more engagement.

We are happy that we ranked high in the top 10 photographers for the period under review.


There is a link between the type of content we published and the status we earned of being among the most retweeted #DEMOAfrica users.


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Trending of the conference

Of the nine days under review, #DEMOAfrica trended on 25 and 26 August – when the event took place.


99% of our tweeting activity was during the two conference days. As a result, it is fair to state that we contributed to the trending of the hashtag :)

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Click here to check out our #DEMOAfrica Storify



In closing

We strongly believe that Africans must tell their own stories – and certainly, the Demo Africa startup stories are inspiring. We are happy that analysis of the online mentions clearly shows that we are doing our bit to ensure this happens.


Analytics Source: Tweetbinder


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