Why data bundles expire


Data bundles expire in 30 days and in 60 days, it just depends which cellphone network you are on. It is no secret that South Africans h ate it when bundles expire and most of them don’t now how this is possible. A data bundle is not a loaf of bread nor is it a a block of cheese, the two items I just mentioned definitely do expire and we throw them away because they are useless after the expiry date has been reached.

I stumbled across picture where cellular giant, Vodacom, used expiring bread as an analogy for data bundle expiry dates. See below before I explain further. Whilst this explanation leaves a lot to be desired, I did some digging because just like you, I hate it when bundles expire especially when I have just received a YouTube link or a funny image. “From what I know, Vodacom and all other ISP’s use Telkom’s SAT-3 undersea cable. They pay a monthly retainer to use it and get allocated a certain amount of data they can sell on to their subscribers. That’s why your bundle expires, because so does theirs.”  – News 24 reader

After reading the above quote, I stumbled across a news article written by Craig Wilson of Tech Central explaining why data bundles expire and why we can’t do much about it. Have a read here.



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