Colour Psychology in Branding


April is typically known as the “fool’s” month globally but it is also the month that eNitiate launched its new brand! Being the most important part of a business, an effective brand strategy goes a long way in marking the footprint to which all businesses need to maintain THE EDGE.

 WHAT EXACTLY IS A BRAND? explains a brand as a “unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these employed in creating an image that identifies and differentiates it from its competitors.” Take for an example, the use of colour in brands. Different colours convey different meanings. Consistency of colour also resonates with consumers and allows them to recognize the brand without any written or oral communication.Undoubtedly, design and colour go hand in hand. It is in the art of VISUALS! However the colours of a brand seem to speak more emotionally to consumers than may have been known. For example, the colour red is mostly associated with brands that are passionate, youthful and bold, much like Richard Branson’s Virgin.

Ever wondered why the social media giants of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have blue logos? I mean what does this blue really say to a consumer’s emotion? Within accordance to research, it is the world’s most popular colour, even though Mark Zuckerberg claims he chose the colour because he is “colour blind”. None-the-less, colour psychology says that blue is the colour of the mind and of intellect therefore indirectly speaking to COMMUNICATION. Blue is also known as the colour that reflects reliability, safety and trust to consumers. What about McDonald’s and KFC? Have you been wondering why you always find yourself in the drive-thru line randomly? Oh it’s no coincidence, you’ve been coloured! Red and yellow together mean GET HUNGRY FAST!


It is a passionate, youthful brand that is bold and elegant in its ways.  The red also speaks to power and energy, at the same time the white signifies purity, perfection and simplicity, whilst the black makes a statement of order and strength.

Next time you see a captivating brand image, don’t think twice! The job has already been done for you.

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