Africa’s next Steve Jobs

Amidst the negative reports that seem to conveniently always do their rounds globally every single day, in my book Africa still remains one of the richest continents in the world if our natural resources are anything to go by. There are a lot of success stories that hail from our continent and I must admit […]

Things people do with their smartphones when they wake up

A 2013 survey found that almost all smartphones owners do the same things with their gadgets in the morning. The top 3 activities are: [separator type=’transparent’ normal_full_width=” pattern_full_width=” color=” thickness=” up=’15’ down=’15’] [three_col_col1] [pie_chart type=’normal’ delay=” title=’CHECK EMAIL’ percent=’67’ percentage_color=”] [/pie_chart] [/three_col_col1] [three_col_col2] [pie_chart type=’normal’ delay=” title=’CHECK WEATHER’ percent=’45’ percentage_color=”] [/pie_chart] [/three_col_col2] [three_col_col3] [pie_chart type=’normal’ delay=” […]

#Phubbing – how did we get here?

Why is it that we cannot even contain ourselves in restaurants or bars, on the dinner table, while walking and sadly while driving? We need constant reminders –  to stop phubbing all the time! What is it exactly that we’re busy with that could be far more important than interacting with the person next to […]

See How Mandela Are You with this new app

Have you always wondered how you measure against Nelson Mandela’s leadership qualities and values? There is a mobile app just for you, and it is called How Mandela Are You?.