The impact of weakening ZAR is devastating for digital marketing companies


I am not sure if this is an open letter to President Jacob Zuma, the Treasury and the ANC at large. While I am not writing this blog with that in mind, maybe this shoe fits. The current state of economic affairs is woeful for eNitiate’s business – an eight-year old digital marketing and insights […]

Twitter Analytics: Top 11 South African Politicians

We are publishing this post one day after the annual commemoration of the 22nd year of democracy in South Africa, aptly called the Freedom Day. 2016 is the year of local elections South Africa’s local government elections are taking place on the 3rd of August 2016. Jostling for votes is about to hit fever pitch as the […]

Will #ZumaMustFall have impact on the ANC’s 2016 municipal election campaign?

Is #ZumaMustFall a fad, like we have seen with many others? The outcry for this social media campaign was sparked by the recent changes in the cabinet. South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma appointed former mayor David Van Rooyen to replace Nhlanhla Nene as Finance Minister on 9 December 2015, then 4 days later replaced him with former […]

4 things SONA2015 laid bare about the Internet and digital technology

Incidents that kicked off President Jacob Zuma‘s 2015 State of the Nation Address (SONA2015) on February 12th added to a growing list of democratic South Africa’s firsts, including the initial jamming of the signal that made it impossible to publish goings-on in parliament via the Internet. Each South African has a different take on the latest firsts, as […]

Here’s how #Mandela’s life was celebrated in #SouthAfrica the year he passed away

In this video by StreetCred Productions, our multimedia division, it is clear South Africans broke into song to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s life when the news of his passing was announced. We suspect he would have wanted it that way. [youtube=] How did you celebrate the life of Mandela? Tell us here below.