Online Advertising

5 Reasons Why Your Instagram Account Is at a Stand-Still

Instagram is a great platform for any company to grow digitally. This platform gives brands the opportunity to grow and also be known, but, due to Instagrams new algorithms, this has become a bit more challenging for "instagramers". If your Instagram account is not growing, there may be some reasons for this. IG is a…

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10 steps to a successful social media campaign

There are brilliant ways certain brands have been able to capture the audience with the way they launch their social media campaigns. One can argue that there are no specific steps to follow in the case of wanting to make your campaign a success. However some brands have been able to follow a certain pattern…

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When you log onto your regular social platforms or visit certain sites, the first thing you notice seconds later are either ad banners or those annoying pop up ads enticing you to be part of the traffic to their site. Before the world started practicing the art of online- advertising, brands spent a lot of…

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