How #mobilephones lit up an otherwise dark church sermon

Today’s theme at Grace Bible Church (GBC), delivered by Bishop Musa Sono – the founder, was “Unlock Your Potential”. The theme could not be more apt on a Sunday like this one, where GBC Midrand’s 3/4 of the sermon was delivered during load-shedding by Eskom, South Africa’s national utility  responsible for 95% of the country’s […]

MTN Swaziland’s prepaid data costs are unaffordable

The common tale you hear from South African taxi drivers who do business in areas close to the 3 border gates with Swaziland, including Nelspruit; is that they prefer to fill up petrol in Sub Saharan Africa’s only monarchy because it is cheaper. However, facts indicate that this is not the case, as the current […]

#Digital world – We need new rules?

The Digital world provides infinite possibilities.  As Jay-Z said “The Internet is like the wild, wild west. We need to write the new rules.“ The ability to receive and share data is limitless. Recently, Drake “Drizzy” new album titled “Nothing was the same” was leaked about 9 days before the scheduled date of 24 Sept. […]

#Phubbing – how did we get here?

Why is it that we cannot even contain ourselves in restaurants or bars, on the dinner table, while walking and sadly while driving? We need constant reminders –  to stop phubbing all the time! What is it exactly that we’re busy with that could be far more important than interacting with the person next to […]

A #mobilevideo brought the Daveyton #policebrutality case to public’s attention

I call this the season of image-tarnishing news about South Africa. My beloved country has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons in the last 6 months, and the seemingly unstoppable flow of negative news that includes Marikana, Anne Booysen and Oscar Pretorius is drowning out all the other positive news such as the […]

Part 2: Why are broadband prices so high in South Africa compared to Kenya?

If you have been following my blog and social media content in the last year, it is clear by now that I am smitten with Kenya due to its ground-breaking ICT sector developments that are spear-headed by mobile technology. I even have a Kenyan mobile number for good measure (•‿•). In this post I shall highlight, yet again, why my love for Kenya is not without sound reason for a self-proclaimed South African-based infopreneur who uses more than 20 gigs of data a month.