Real Time Digital

How do you come up with awesome strategies that your target market can embrace and relate to,gimmicks that will give your brand the desired response?The answer is……Real Time Marketing coupled with a dose of digital.Be pro-active,engage with your consumers monitor their behaviour changes regarding your brand.Digital has become a LIFESTYLE for many and so if […]

#Online EVERYTHING, could it be risky?

A whole lot has changed over the years. The way we dress, talk, spell, express our emotions, communicate with others, even the way we cook and the list goes on. In my opinion, a common catalyst for most of this change is technology. Almost anything you can think of is available on-line. Convenient yes but […]

2 words #MileyCyrus and #Twerking….look what happened

When Miley Cyrus performed at this year’s VMA2013 she left more than just tongues wagging. As part of what I believe is a “skin shedding ” of some sorts, she  ” twerked ” for Robin Thicke during a collabo perfomance of the hit single  ” Blurred lines “. According to the former Hannah Montannah star […]

#Phubbing – how did we get here?

Why is it that we cannot even contain ourselves in restaurants or bars, on the dinner table, while walking and sadly while driving? We need constant reminders –  to stop phubbing all the time! What is it exactly that we’re busy with that could be far more important than interacting with the person next to […]