Africa’s youth move towards digital enterprise – on to greener pastures

It’s 2016 and youth across the globe are all about digital but, alas, the African continent is still predominantly using analog communication. Youth unemployment is depressingly high and the ailing economy and lingering debts are not doing much to help the morale. But let’s not focus on that now, okay? I’m sure there are other places […]

A new way to online shopping with Puma

Today’s technology is moving at such a fast pace,  allowing loyal shoppers access to brands/products from anywhere in the world. Puma has introduced an exciting way of online shopping. Shop-able videos that allow customers to shop as they watch. The sportswear company’s latest experiment allows viewers to immediately purchase items from their recent “Evolve” campaign. […]

Top 3 Reasons Why I Will Never Own A Bitcoin

I think the use of Bitcoin and other virtual money can be viewed as universal money. I think the future is steering the economy towards the use of virtual money. However, my online findings online show that Bitcoin is a beautiful concept that does not instill confidence in me to use it. I have always […]

Cybercrime spoils a great digital party

Our Chief eNitiater, Bra Willy, sings praises for e-commerce, because its value in saving time, his most valuable resource as an entrepreneur, is immeasurable. At least 95% of eNitiate’s financial transactions are made online in various forms.  The ability for doing business anytime, anywhere, enabled by the power of integrated devices, is completely seductive to […]

Is iTunes going to put the last nail in SA music CD market’s coffin?

The iTunes store finally launched in South Africa on the 4th of December. Some 12 days after the fanfair relating to the news, an article appeared in the Business Day of this past Sunday, titled “music retailers unfazed by SA iTunes”, and this caught my attention. Musica, Reliable Music Warehouse and Look and Listen still have music CD stores. Key questions are: How long are music CD’s going to be around for, given the increasing speed of winds of change coming from digital downloads? Is the introduction of iTunes South Africa going to make this worse?