The history of recording music goes way back to when sound waves were recorded on a vinyl record by a small needle that engraved sound from the rhythm of the sound waves. A small needle that rotated around the vinyl record toward the middle projecting sounds out of the record player. A phonograph record also […]

#Digital music in #Africa must be by #Africans!

  Those around me have heard me go on about my love for AKA’s newly launched single : Congratulate. Apparently the single is doing well on iTunes. In a previous post [ ] I stated how SA needs a reliable digital music downloads aggregator. Before congratulating anyone on being no.1 I’m certain facts would be needed. […]

You can be a #digital dj

Impossible possibilities is a mantra that @BraWilly_unLTD lives by. Often some individuals never get what he means exactly. But to me I’ve come to understand that he means in the digital context. With access to technology and the internet you can be anything! You can  simulate flying a plane, you can rent the runway , you […]

How strong is your Personal brand?

What I love about branding is the power and ability of being able to associate words and emotions with a product or brand. By immediately naming a few brands, you already know what to expect from them because of the inherent promise and experience you get from using the brand. What people fail to realise […]

#Digital world – We need new rules?

The Digital world provides infinite possibilities.  As Jay-Z said “The Internet is like the wild, wild west. We need to write the new rules.“ The ability to receive and share data is limitless. Recently, Drake “Drizzy” new album titled “Nothing was the same” was leaked about 9 days before the scheduled date of 24 Sept. […]

Modern day art #PicassoBaby [Part 1]

Jay Z performs the hit single “Picasso Baby” in exhibition style in a New York Art Gallery…also see the post that will follow as we discover how hip hop has evolved as a music art form. We will also observe the influence of digital elements in shaping the art form of music in general. For […]