Real Time Digital

How do you come up with awesome strategies that your target market can embrace and relate to,gimmicks that will give your brand the desired response?The answer is……Real Time Marketing coupled with a dose of digital.Be pro-active,engage with your consumers monitor their behaviour changes regarding your brand.Digital has become a LIFESTYLE for many and so if […]

How strong is your Personal brand?

What I love about branding is the power and ability of being able to associate words and emotions with a product or brand. By immediately naming a few brands, you already know what to expect from them because of the inherent promise and experience you get from using the brand. What people fail to realise […]

His last walk…#NelsonMandela

Our Monday meeting with the digital minds of eNitiate had to start by reflecting and asking ourselves what we are doing to honour what #NelsonMandela stood for.Not usually how we start our  usual meetings but it was only right that we do so.With humbling thoughts  flooding,the realisation of what an impact this man had on […]

Andrew Bleeker; The genius behind Obama’s Digital Campaign

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce in January 2013 put together an event in which Andrew Bleeker shared tips on the success of Obama’s digital campaign. This event may have been held a couple of months ago but still remains extremely relevant to the digital market. There’s more than one thing to grasp from this bit […]

#Digital world – We need new rules?

The Digital world provides infinite possibilities.  As Jay-Z said “The Internet is like the wild, wild west. We need to write the new rules.“ The ability to receive and share data is limitless. Recently, Drake “Drizzy” new album titled “Nothing was the same” was leaked about 9 days before the scheduled date of 24 Sept. […]

The Power of #Hashtags on Facebook

A while back we had a discussion with my colleagues about what qualifies tweets to trend. After doing my analysis on Twitter I remembered that FB has also introduced hashtags in June. I thought it would be great to measure the effectiveness of hashtags on Facebook. In order to prove the power of hashtags on each […]