Your Brand Identity Needs A Revamp & Here’s Why!

First things first, lets confirm what we are referring to when we talk brand identity. Your brand identity is the face of your company. It is a visual representation of your brand, intending to be an identifier, and ultimately remembered through a visual or colour. Every company has a unique identity, this is an element that […]

The campaign may go viral, but it is not up to the brand


What made the #IceBucketChallenge go viral in mid-2014? Why has ALS, the non-profit organisation associated with this campaign, not created another viral campaign of same or bigger proportions since then? Is it because it is not easy to replicate such a mega-successful campaign? Is it because this one was a fluke? Or is it me […]

Google is always the answer

I am ashamed to say I have added to the masses that did not realise that google had changed their logo this past week. Even more embarrassing is the mere fact that I work in the social media and digital space. How I missed this news?, no idea. I am just guilty! Pardon my frequent […]

Learn from the Kardashian’s how to optimize your brand

When it comes to social media, what people say about you gets to validate or tarnish your personal brand. We need to realize that there are no 2 identities (offline and online) anymore. We need to be more cognisant when we are online. We need to be more deliberate in crafting our brand.   Before […]

Real Time Digital

How do you come up with awesome strategies that your target market can embrace and relate to,gimmicks that will give your brand the desired response?The answer is……Real Time Marketing coupled with a dose of digital.Be pro-active,engage with your consumers monitor their behaviour changes regarding your brand.Digital has become a LIFESTYLE for many and so if […]

How strong is your Personal brand?

What I love about branding is the power and ability of being able to associate words and emotions with a product or brand. By immediately naming a few brands, you already know what to expect from them because of the inherent promise and experience you get from using the brand. What people fail to realise […]