self-learning in the name of apps

The Google Play Store has got to be one of the greatest genius ideas there is in this era. With a multitude of educational, game applications just waiting to be explored. Anyone with an Android smartphone is no stranger to this. It would only make perfect sense to make use of your smartphone or tablet […]


Le weekend dernier j’ai été conduit par une femme chauffeur durant mon dernier trajet avec Uber, et ce pour la première fois depuis que j’utilise ce service, soit depuis Janvier de cette année. L’expérience a deux impacts significatifs: Comme les Sud-Africains pourraient le comprendre, Août est un mois dédié aux femmes. La coïncidence ne pouvait […]

Uber is the answer to women wanting to enter the taxi sector safely

I was driven by a lady in my last Uber trip during this past weekend, and this was the first time since I started using this convenient service in January of this year. The significance of the experience has 2 aspects to it: As South Africans will relate, August is Women’s Month. Thus, the timing […]

Facebook making it’s mark in Africa

Facebook has well over 1.49 billion active users in the whole world, and 120 million of the users are from Africa. It is estimated that more than 80% of the users in Africa access the social media platform from their mobile phones. There is a steady growth of internet connection across the whole continent and Facebook […]

Some apps can work for the visually impaired too

The case was to investigate apps and tools that aid those with disabilities to use technology. The context of the case is that of the visually and hearing impaired. Why ? Because without the two senses, technological adoption is impossible. Enter the eNitiate hawks  – The image above should pique the interest of anyone who […]


When you log onto your regular social platforms or visit certain sites, the first thing you notice seconds later are either ad banners or those annoying pop up ads enticing you to be part of the traffic to their site. Before the world started practicing the art of online- advertising, brands spent a lot of […]