Can Africa be transformed from poverty to prosperity?

Post-colonial Africa has proven to be quite the conundrum, belonging fiercely to itself in theory, yet extremely dysfunctional in practicality. Greg Mills, in his acclaimed book “Why Africa Is Poor”, takes us on an intellectual journey explaining the why, as well as providing solutions to alleviating poverty.   Are Africa’s natural resources a curse?   […]

Tanzania is having its Kiswahili cake. Can it eat it too?

My most recent continental travel was to Tanzania, where I spent 9 nights between Arusha and Dar es Salaam. I have concluded – with this being the second country visit in the last 2 years – there will never be enough time given the rich history and culture of this largest East African Community member. From […]

The 200 young South Africans you NEED to know

While youth month is but a recent memory, the excitement about the future generation must outlive the month of June. Join me in applauding the young people in 2 lists that I believe everyone needs to know. The 1st list is the Mail & Guardian list of 200 young South Africans. As a strong continental voice, […]

12 tips for using Airbnb Lagos for positive experiential travelling


I am currently in Lagos on business. This is my second visit since 2013. I opted to use Airbnb Lagos mainly because hotel room rates are unaffordable in this city. But there is another reason – I wanted to live among the ordinary Lagosians and get to learn more about this vibrant city of 20 […]

What makes you African? #HeritageMonth

There have been many debates of late about African identity with “black hair” commonly known as the afro, put in the spotlight. The most recent one being the Pretoria Girls High School hair saga. The students in this South African all-girls school, took to the streets to protest against their school’s administration which had allegedly forced […]