You can be a #digital dj

Impossible possibilities is a mantra that Bra Willy Seyama lives by. 

Often some individuals never get what he means exactly. 

But to me I’ve come to understand that he means in the digital context. 

With access to technology and the internet you can be anything!

You can simulate flying a plane, you can rent the runway, you can be a DJ and be the coolest guy in town! Who ever thought that technology can make us all equals? 

We always thought that DJ’s were more equal that the rest of us as they commanded scores of beautiful ladies in Ibiza. 

But, enter DJ apps/software. 

According to me anybody with at least a smartphone can be a DJ. 

I posted a Facebook status the other day saying:

<img src=

I was watching a tutorial on YouTube about how to DJ with Traktor, hence that Facebook status. 

From my circle of friends I had received word that Traktor is the trendiest app software that all the cool DJ’s are using. 

Bra Willy aka…..Dj (nah…never mind) is an advocate for Virtual DJ. 

So I went to the most informed reference and I google’d.

According to there are 10 apps of bestDJj software that they recommend. 

Visit Techradar for more on the to 10 DJ software apps

Here are the top 3 of the 10.

3rd best

Ableton Live, at inception it is meant to be a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) for music production.

<img src=

2nd best

Serato Scratch Live/Dj.

<img src=

The best

Natove Instruments Traktor Pro 2.

<img src=

So I guess its on now! Nobody has an excuse why they can’t be a babe magnet and just be a nerd. 

If you love technology then its going to be your ticket out to the big time. 

Please note that the app software doesn’t come with a dose of confidence, you will have to drink a teaspoon of chutzpah for that. 

So until next time when I will be posting pics of me in the DJ booth with some hot babes. 

I’ll be studying how to be a DJ using the tutorials online. 

Maybe I can do a Skype gig –  first of its kind –  entry would be a follow back on Twitter; a share on Facebook. 

Who is to say this is impossible ? Impossible possibilities, remember!

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