To cab or #uber app…that is the question.

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6:30 am that alarm goes off and of course just like any other nine to fiver, I switch it off and go back to sleep, negotiating for that 5 minute snooze to be just a tad bit longer (I know you relate lol). Five minutes costs me a 10 minute countdown to get ready and be out the door, which is impossible for women, we need an hour at most. It occurs to me calling a cab will have to do if I am to make that 8:30 am meeting in the pouring winter rain. At the back of my head I know mid month cabbing means steep charges plus the weather, just adds that cherry on top.

I should thank the cab driver for not picking up my calls that morning because if it wasn’t for him I would have never gotten acquainted with Uber, an app developed in the US,  that provides a rather convenient transport network specifically for mobile. You get the app  on any smartphone, once you are logged in you have a choice to select which Uber service you require, Uber x, with cheaper prices or Uber black for those that want to enjoy a comfortable ride in a classy luxury car. Your trip is mapped out to and from your destination and you are electronically billed by simply linking your account to your profile and you receive an email with your receipt. Their rates are ridiculously low in comparison to your local cab services and I suppose this is what has sparked protests from the metered cab drivers in some countries of operation.<img src="uberblack.jpeg" alt="to cab or uber">

December 2014 saw their services operational in 53 countries and in 200 cities worldwide. Friend or foe, Uber continues to offer great service for that “average Joe ” who wants to save and look good while at it. Hats off to Travis Kalanik and Garret Camp , the brains behind Uber. Despite several protests , I foresee a trend of “Uberification” even amongst cab or and other transport  service firms. If you haven’t had the pleasure of using Uber simply search and download the app to your phone and you are all set for the ride.

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