Why your business needs SEO

What is SEO

Let’s start with the basics. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the ability of having your website content visible to the end user on the search engines. More than ever this is becoming a need rather than an option for a lot of businesses. So what are the chances that your content or the services you provide will pop up on the very first search results page?
It really is simple and if you are just starting out, here are steps to getting equipped via this helpful guide put together by Tim Hill. Once you get started, there’s no turning back. It is just one of the very few but vital ways of telling the world you exist and are ready to be of service. Adverts, pamphlets, billboards, paid media/ online ads are all fairly effective but cost money. This will only cost you time and commitment.


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Why invest in SEO

SEO is more alive now than ever, the more reason why YOUR business must invest in this function. SEO has drastically changed so much and businesses need to start thinking of it as a brand necessity rather than just a marketing strategy. Contrary to what you may have read already, SEO is very helpful to the improvement of your business’ performance and when applied to the “T”, will give your brand the online recognition it deserves. Your business needs to pledge allegiance to investing in optimized web, given the search engines’ commitment to improve their algorithms over time is rather persistent.


Are you convinced?

Believe it or not, investing in SEO comes with a favorable ROI for your business if / when executed effectively. Think about it this way, SEO is like the employee that is always at work 24/7, every year, never calls in sick and is NEVER late for work, brings in leads, turns them into clients, always does what they are told to do and multitasks rather efficiently. Your website could be that perfect employee you’ve always wanted. It would also be ideal to also make sure your social media and other marketing tactics/strategies are in sync to commend SEO.


The perks

  1. Free website traffic
  2. You are not paying for every new lead compared to PPC (Pay-Per -Click) advertising
  3. Cost effective
  4. Content focused
  5. Recognizes images & video
  6. It’s a once-off addition to your business

In conclusion, optimizing your website involves time and patience to get it right and if the aim is to have your brand affiliated with excellence, having SEO will not even be an option but an expectation from your clients.

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