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#Infograph: Brand management

Brands are always looking for innovative ideas in the process of (re)structuring their brand identity. There are certain factors that should be taken into consideration when a brand decides to revive its look. Giving your brand a “new look” is not just about changing the colors of your logo, your new slogan and/or your new marketing campaign. When you are trying to revive your brand identity, start by finding out what it is that is failing to connect with your targeted audience. Here is an infograph to help you out.

Brand management is hard work that requires commitment and consistency. When as a firm you decide to revive your brand, make sure that the new identity being communicated to your market is understandable, relatable and that customers will still be able to recognize the brand.  Your brand’s narrative plays a vital role in the process of getting the audience to connect with your look.

By the way, we are breathing new life into our brand – eNitiate. Be on the lookout for related communications on our website’s blog page and social platforms.

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