7 key insights about eNitiate Web stats you can learn from

eNitiate Web stats | Feature Banner | Nov 2019

Those of you who follow both myself and the eNitiate brand online will know that this is our 11th year and 1st month in the digital marketing and communications business. We call this new year the #12thGear. Appropriate. Isn’t it? As our homepage says, we have been around. On this note, we came into the […]

Infographic: Analysis of #TED2019 tweets

#TED2019 took place 15-19 April 2019 in Vancouver. We curated and analysed 26 349 tweets related to the event, as ideas worth spreading were being shared. RELATED POST: eNitiate were the social media partner of TEDxSoweto’s Leapfrog partner The following metrics were used for the analysis: ✅ Distribution of the tweets; ✅ Contributors; ✅ Reach; […]

Will public sentiment influence election of the new President in #ANC54?

The 54th ANC Presidential Elective Conference, which takes place every 5 years and is currently in session at Nasrec – southwest of Gauteng Province, South Africa – until the 20th of December, is arguably the first about which the majority of the country has expressed strong public sentiment. While the 4 700 or so card-carrying […]