O Jewa Ke Eng – 12 lessons about a single tweet that became a movement

O Jewa Ke Eng | First Anniversary

O Jewa Ke Eng?, an “innocuous” tweet that was posted over a year ago and quickly turned into a global phenomenon, continues to set new Twitter standards judging by its sustained dominance on digital platforms. O jewa ke eng ? — Keabetsweūüƨ (@akreana_) January 5, 2019 You don’t know what I am talking about? Click […]

5 unconscious biases that impede effectiveness of social media

eNitiate | Unconscious Bias Against Social Media

In my 11 years of digital marketing practice, I have been confronted by many theories about social media. Through passage of time, the often repeated theories have become accepted as truths. What has been concerning is that a fair number of these theories are untested and some are downright misleading.  The misleading theories result in […]

What is the size of the digital marketing skills gap in Africa?

It is common knowledge in the communications industry that there is a digital marketing skills gap across the world. But what is the size of the gap in Africa?   About the inspiration for this post In our drive to contribute to the common language bank of digital marketing, the eNitiaters recently came up with […]

13 stats about South Africa you need to know, from the Global Digital 2019 Report

Bra Willy | eNitiate | Global Digital Report 2019 | Internet and Social Media Penetrations - South Africa | January 2019

In this post, I share stats about South Africa that will show that online media have effectively become the new normal for the country. The latest Global Digital Report – titled Digital 2019 Q3 Global Digital Statshot (July 2019) v01– is out. The first report for 2019 was published in January, and this July report […]

3 reasons why Limpopo Province must leverage the rising star of Sho Madjozi

Sho Madjozi on Elle Cover

I, like many South Africans, have been fascinated by the meteoric rise of Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif, popularly known as Sho Madjozi. This young lady who is proud of her African roots, and especially her Tsonga culture that is fused into her colorful fashion sense, was born in Shelley Village, Elim, in Limpopo. Until now, […]