Are you Social Media “successful”?

I have been twiddling my thumbs, trying to get some inspiration for this blog and have not had that “Eureka” moment I wanted. You know, the one that gets your creative juices flowing rather abundantly? Yes, that one. So instead I found an angle that I am more comfortable with, my opinion, and so I shall begin this blog with a “disclaimer” “THE VIEWS EXPRESSED IN THIS BLOG ARE MINE AND NOT THE PLATFORM IN USE” (something like that)

What’s your definition of “success”? Is it material, financial or spiritual? Society has its own version, a version that makes others feel inferior or invincible. A version that creates room for classes to form. You are either in the circle or you are not. Social media has (this word has now come to be accepted as singular) taken it up a notch too. On these platforms your success depends on your followers, your re-tweet rate and frequency, or whether you have that blue tick or not. Is your “success” the main reason why you would trend? Yes and No.


The Yes factor

We have an example right in our backyard, South African celebrity DJ Sbu, known by those close to him as Sibusiso Leope. He’s been in the media for a while now. He started out as an actor on TV – depending how far back you want to go – and has over the years ventured into various types of business. His reason for trending this week has been over his alleged stunt to promote his energy drink “Mofaya”. Guilty or not, he certainly knows how to get attention coming his way on social media! Are people talking about him because he is who he is or because of the story? I would say both! According to reports, all he did was take a picture with players of a well-known soccer club, with them wearing his branded t-shirts and holding a box full of the energy drink, which later circulated on social media. Did he actually think this through or was it actually all innocent? Did he just happen to be in the neighborhood with t-shirts for the guys and wallah!, pictures were taken? I am going to sound like an air-head right now, but was he supposed to ask for permission to take a picture with the guys or post it on social media? Well lets look at the numbers and see how he is doing. Has he become more popular, lost followers or actually gained?

The graphs below clearly show that DJ Sbu has had a steady climb to date. With a gain of about 8 437 over the month, which is really not bad, seems the numbers will certainly keep going up if his “stunts” are anything to go by.

<img src="DjSbu.png" alt="DjSbu">
<img src="DJSbu.png" alt="DJSbu">

Amidst all the negative media reports he does not seem fazed at all. His tweets are nothing but encouraging. New contracts being signed and more borders being crossed.



 The No Factor

Non-famous people have trended before and not because they were  “successful” but because of the story that was attached to their name or because they were just smart. There have been names that ended up on the list that you would probably never remember. Faceless trend setters come and go on social media. I am talking about the hashtags we all hop on to, most of them trend not because some important famous person started them but because they are funny, catchy or important; or actually have a story to them.

The people who come up with some of these hashtags are successful. Yes they don’t get paid for them (or maybe they do) and yet the success lies in having the kind of global influence that gets people interested, talking and continuously passing on a “trend” that one faceless being started.

As cliche’ as it may sound, your version of success is your own and shouldn’t be determined by society. Setting out what your purpose is and having the ability to still believe in yourself regardless of the odds against you pretty much sums it up, don’t you agree?

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