Are #apps good for our heart rates?

There is so much to worry about lately – relationships, financial stress, traffic, too much work, too much workout, too much money, organic food with exaggerated health claims, choice between patented and generic medicines, radioactive waves emitted by mobile phones… and you can keep counting.

Know the phrase “there is an app for that“? Well, that saying is true in many respects. This reminds me of the caution that is starting to sound increasingly louder, that consumers are overwhelmed with the amount of information available out there, thanks to the Internet. After my experience tonight, I am convinced that the amount of information available about an individual can also lead to stress; or it can be a blessing, depending on the cup of tea you prefer.

Let me get to the point. I have had a Heart Rate app on my phone for more than a year now, but I have used it sporadically since. In addition, I not have taken the time to understand what the random readings I took meant… until tonight.

<img src="Bra-Willy-Heart-Rate-Score-27-February-2014.jpg" alt="Bra Willy Heart Rate Score - 27 February 2014">
Bra Willy Heart Rate Score on 27 February 2014


I shall not get into circumstances that drove me to take a reading of my heart above – its personal (^_-), but suffice to say that I got  shocked after learning what my bpm score of 88 means. Netfit, a health and fitness site, displays the table below that is a guide for interpreting heart rate scores. Check what my score above means, highlighted in RED:

<img src="Heart-Rate-Table-February-2014.png" alt="Netfit Heart Rate Table -February 2014">
Netfit Heart Rate Table (click on table to enlarge)

My night was ruined… if only for a moment. I better renew my Virgin Active membership, and actively reduce time spent in front of my computer from now.

Want my advise? Check your heart rate regularly, and understand what your score means. I promise I am going to follow my own advise *fingers crossed*



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