Another 2010 Fifa World Cup First

This soccer world cup is producing all sorts of interesting results. I do not know if the current make-up of the quarter finalists – 4 clubs are South American, 3 are European and 1 African – is the first ever, but it certainly is in recent memory. There is widespread alarm that Britain and to some extent Italy have among the most competitive soccer leagues in the world, but they displayed shocking on-field performances that got them out of the world cup before Quarters.

If my facts are correct, less than 40% of soccer players in British premiership league are locals and the rest are foreigners. Let me put it in a different way – More than 60% of British premiership league’s players come from outside that country! If statistics are to be believed, there will be trouble for Rooney and his mates when competing against national teams whose players are plying their trade in Britain and other major European soccer centers. Mmm…



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