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Andrew Bleeker; The genius behind Obama’s Digital Campaign

The Calgary Chamber of Commerce in January 2013 put together an event in which Andrew Bleeker shared tips on the success of Obama’s digital campaign.

This event may have been held a couple of months ago but still remains extremely relevant to the digital market. There’s more than one thing to grasp from this bit (in my opinion). Apparently his speech was described as “the best speech on on-line marketing”. Who knew that just a picture would up votes and gain one so much support…

source: http://m.calgarychamber.com/
source: http://m.calgarychamber.com/

Once you click on the link, you’ll see what I mean, and yes, that picture was that effective.

You will learn that whatever service you provide, it is important to engage your audience but to never give them what they are used to. Never be in your comfort zone. Expose yourself to ways that will get you results.

For more info regarding this event please click on the link below.




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