ANC’s 53rd Elective Conference in Pictures

The 53rd ANC Elective Conference was highly successful on social media, trending consecutively on Twitter from Tuesday the 11th of December, and it continues as I am posting this article on the last day of the conference. The country’s ruling party, and oldest liberation movement in the continent, got its own social media machinery into high gear; as shown by the top most #Mangaung Twitterers based on a sample of 1 853 tweets below:

ANC 2012 Conference - Twitterer Mentions

Twitter went into overdrive on the 18th, the day the ANC Top 6 election results were announced:

ANC 2012 Conference Top 6 Election Day

Now to the subject of this post. Here are the Top 6 #Mangaung pictures, based on number of #Mangaung-related  mentions as at 00:00 this morning:

ANC 2012 Conference Top 6 Pics

Kgalema Motlanthe, the party’s Presidency nominee who lost to Jacob Zuma, takes my top honours as the most photogenic politician at the conference:

ANC 2012 Conference - Motlanthe behind the camera

Here are some of my favourite pictures that were captured at the conference:

ANC 2012 Conference Zumantashe Tshirt

Zumantashe – a new coining for Zuma and Mantashe combination.

ANC 2012 Conference - Failed DP Nominees

In this image, Tokyo Sexwale and Mathew Phosa are having what looks like a robust discussion, presumably after losing out to Cyril Ramaphosa, the new Deputy President of the ANC.

ANC 2012 Conference - Cyril Ramaphosa

Cyril was in great spirits. Looks like this picture was taken on the morning of the Top 6 election results.

ANC 2012 Conference - Zuma's Middle Finger

What appears to be Jacob Zuma, the reelected ANC President, showing a middle finger to all his detractors is actually his way of pushing spectacles back into place as he speaks. This picture emerged aptly after he won his second term in the ANC Presidency office.

The collage below shows how a little creature called Chester Missing stole the show on the sidelines of the conference:

ANC 2012 Conference - Chester Messing

Watch out for this “little guy”. He is taking Mzansi’s comedy scene by storm!

What were your best ANC 2012 Conference moments?

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