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Analytics is everything to a brand with #onlinepresence – Part 3


In this part of our series on online analytics, we share knowledge on how we track our social community growths. You are welcome to read Part 1 and Part 2 of the series.


Measuring Twitter community development

Community development is still one of key metrics for any brand developing its online presence, as this enhances social media reach. Twitter Counter is great tool for tracking and monitoring Twitter follower growth.


In addition, checking where our followers are come from is important, as we would like to be a global player, while being locally relevant as well. We measure geographic spread of eNitiate’s followers using Tweepsmap.


Key findings and insights

We have been very busy with enhancement of eNitiate’s online presence  in the last month, and we are pleased that it is showing in Twitter follower numbers.

As we up the ante with publishing of a combination of generated and curated content, the next step is checking if it creates engagement as an indicator of its quality.


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Do you want to assess strength of your brand’s online presence? Talk to us for a assistance.




to read PART 2 of this series.

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