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Analytics is everything to a brand with #onlinepresence – Part 2

This is a continuation of our series on the subject of importance of analytics for brands with online presence. Click here to read Part 1 of the series.

Brands using social networks want to achieve a level of influence, as this enhances amplification of distributed content. Klout, a social media impact tracking tool that has become an accepted standard, is key to measurement of social  influence.


Klout social impact measurement

Our latest Klout score is just under 55. In its absolute terms, this score does not say much. However, viewed over time, it becomes meaningful. See how we have performed in the last 90 days:


<img src="eNitiate-Klout-90-Day-Score-12-December-2014.png" alt="eNitiate Klout 90 Day Score - 12 December 2014">

Klout Social Impact Score


Key findings and insights

Notice that we have grown our social influence in the last 90 days, from a score of 39.43. More analysis of the kink in mid-November may reveal content pieces that contributed to the spike, and thus provide insights that are worth considering going forward.

It is also important to watch contributions by subscribed social networks to social score. This may influence our content distribution strategy going forward.

Clearly, our social content efforts are bearing fruit. Identified insights also point to opportunities for more robust increase in influence.


Take our poll on measuring of your brand’s social influence:  




to read PART 1 of this series.



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