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Analytics is everything to a brand with online presence – Part 1

Whether yours is a commercial or personal brand, don’t pass up the opportunity of applying many of the online tracking tools to monitor online presence. We always endeavour to discover the many free tools available on the Internet, and write about them in our eNiversity page.


Metric monitoring of online presence

Depending on metric(s) you are monitoring – the fewer the better for better focus – there is a free tool out there for basic monitoring.  In this first post of a series that we hope to publish in the next few weeks, we look at Bitly, a free url shortening tool that does more, and which we use actively to monitor how links we share in our published social content are doing. Here are 2 key link stats related to our social network activities for the last month:



Key findings and insights

  1. Twitter is important to our content distribution efforts, and thus warrants more attention for growing of traffic to our site.
  2. Our social network profile is global. As a result, we need to be cognisant posting times when we publish content, especially in the case of the US whose netizens contribute 10% to our link stats – which is up to 7 hrs behind South Africa.


What free online analytics tools do you use for tracking online performance of your brand?


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to read PART 2 of this series.


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