Analysis of #onlinementions of #SouthAfrica’s top 3 Twitterers shows interesting gender skews

The Times recently published a report on South Africa’s top 10 Twitterers  by followers. Since we have been tracking online mentions of the country’s top 20 Twitterers for over a month now, our curiosity was pricked by the top 3, all of whom have multiple citizenships.


Here are South Africa’s top 3 Twitterers as at 23:00, December 11th of 2014.


Twitterer Number 1, born in 1994 in London, raised in South Africa – vlogger, actor and internet personality

<img src="Caspar-Lee-Twitter-Followers.png" alt="Caspar Lee Twitter Followers">


Twitterer Number 2, born in 1995 in South Africa, stays in Austalia – actor, YouTuber and singer-songwriter.

<img src="Troye-Sivan-Twitter-Followers.png" alt="Troye Sivan Twitter Followers">


Twitterer Number 3, born in 1980 in South Africa, stays in England – cricketer


<img src="Kevin-Pietersen-Twitter-Followers.png" alt="Kevin Pitersen Twitter Followers">


Images above were sourced from SocialBakers. Click on each image for individual Wiki profiles.

Notice ages, vocations – and looks (wiki pictures) – of the top 3? This got us wondering if their online mentions have gender skews! So we scratched the surface.


Here are the gender profiles of netizens who mentioned the top Twitterers above in online platforms in the last month.


Caspar Lee

<img src="Caspar-Lee-Gender-Analysis-of-Online-Mentions.png" alt="Caspar Lee - Gender Analysis of Online Mentions">


Troye Sivan

<img src="Troye Sivan.png" alt="Troye Sivan - Gender Analysis of Online Mentions">


Kevin Pietersen

<img src="Kevin-Pietersen-Gender-Analysis-of-Online-Mentions.png" alt="Kevin Pietersen - Gender Analysis of Online Mentions">


Are you surprised? We are not (^_-)


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