How American Swiss Uses Crowdsourcing Campaign to Promote Products?

I rarely open newsletters because it’s normally the same message all the time, introduction or opening letter, specials or discounts in store and the usual competition. But this newsletter appealed to me because it asked me to take part in something bigger, “create your own billboard” that will be used in their next campaign.

<img src="HowIMetYourMother.gif" alt="HowIMetYourMother">
How I met Your Mother. An example of the American Swiss Billboard creative.


I think the trend in content generation is the use of crowdsourcing. Getting people to engage with a brand in this manor that the custodians of the brand don’t have the room to do. It also shows trust and confidence in customer to creatively say want or think of brand. It is also a cost effective way to push the brand into the market.


This is a fun, easy and highly engaging campaign. I took that time and created my own Billboards. The challenge is that it has to be no more than 30 characters.

<img src="American Swiss “CreateYourOwnBillboard"competition.gif" alt="CreateYourOwnBillboard"competition">
Second step to the American Swiss “create your own billboard” competition.


This enables you to promote your billboard on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & via email in order to win.


<img src="CampaignSocialMediaPlugins.gif" alt="CampaignSocialMediaPlugins">
Social media plugins to help you to promote your billboard in order to win.



 Please click on my billboards and share them in order for me to win.

Billboard 1

<img src="OffTheChain.gif" alt="Off the chain">
My American Swiss , “I like my woman off the chain” Billboard submission


Billboard 2

<img src="LoveCanBeBought.gif" alt="LoveCanBeBought">
My American Swiss Creative Billboard Submission


Please click on my billboards, go to the gallery and like in order for me to win. Try your luck, test your copy writing skills and create your very own billboard.



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