Africa’s YouTube – Telling African stories

The world is dominated by inventions from the West (USA) and hard-working sweat shops in the East (China) who create the products that the world loves and adores. Big brands like Nike, Apple and many others have won over the world and continue to create products that make our lives more convenient and pleasurable.

And then there is Africa, the dark horse of the world when it comes to innovation and economies. Africa is know for its land and natural resources but not for its innovation and problem-solving skills. Africa has since upped its game as it looks to step out of the shadows and become an economic and innovation powerhouse. There are many great innovations that have come out of Africa, examples in include DryBath, M-Pesa and many more.

But iROKOtv is one that stands out for me. Content on the African content is mostly produced by ‘visitors’ who come and go and are usually from outside the continent. How can the narrative of a continent be told by everyone else but the inhabitants themselves. iROKOtv is Africa’s largest distributor of on-line content that is created by and for Africans with the bulk of the content from Nigeria’s Nollywood.

Before I say any more, CNN did a documentary on the founder…

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