Internet usage and the economy in Africa

Africa day falls within the month of May, so I found it fitting to write about  Africa, more importantly, internet usage and the economy in Africa. My team and I, (eNitiaters as we are collectively called), decided to dedicate to dedicate Africa Month to writing about the internet in Africa. To the world, Africa is inferior, despite being rich in many resources such as minerals. What is sad is that all the potential that Africa has is overshadowed by what it lacks.


Africa and internet usage statistics

The usage of internet in Africa is not much compared to that of the world, perhaps it is because we have not been able to realise the power that the internet possesses in our modern society. I was shocked to learn that Africa currently has the lowest internet usage the world, according to these Internet World Stats figures.


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What power does the internet possess and why is it important to Africa?

The internet in this day and age has become a  great source of revenue for business. Companies have adopted the internet to communicate, escalate revenues and to enhance their sales. This has had a positive impact on global economies and the  industries they trade in. The way people think and do business has evolved because of the internet.


What can an increased usage of the internet in Africa do for the economy?

The internet has been the driver of the growing economies of the world in different industries and its ability to make things easier and faster has done wonders. It is important that Africa uses the internet too, to turn around its economy. The graph below shows  that economies that use the internet have made a positive change.


How can Africa adapt to the growing change in internet usage?

• Governments need to ensure there is sufficient internet access for all Africans.
• institutions must be equipt to educate Africans on the importance of the internet and it’s benefits to our lives.
• Businesses must adapt to internet usage and explore new ways to increase their revenue.


Challenging  the current internet usage in Africa

In closing, I pose a challenge to Africa to follow through with the growing trend of using the internet in order to turn around the economy of the continent for the better. In the era of  the ‘internet boom’, let this be a challenge to all Africans, to use the internet as part of their arsenal for growing the economy.

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