It began more than 11 years ago, with nothing but belief, determination and the resolve.

For founding member Bra Willy Seyama, the dream to share digital stories the African way became too overpowering.

The name eNitiate is derived from the English word ‘initiate’ which means to cause (a process or action) to begin.

With a team of young talent, hand-picked from across the continent, eNitiate is a melting pot of culture, creativity and passion for digital storytelling. 


A good teacher is not always the master of a subject. Neither is the master of a subject always a good teacher. While everybody has both elements in them, recognise and lean on the one that appeals more to you, and hone your skills there.


To be the African brand of choice for digital strategy, content and technology solutions, by any measure.


We assist brands to develop PROFITABLE DIGITAL FOOTPRINT, premised on our unique ability to craft content that resonates, and that has focused call-to-action. 

This is achieved through the following service categories:

Always gain knowledge and insights (based on online mentions) about your brand, your competitors and your category.

Continuously captivate target audiences with digital content that has high relevancy.

Select and always monitor the right metrics to ensure digital marketing objectives are met.


… in our resourcefulness to always find digital solutions to the seemingly impossible communication challenges.

… change in Africa’s digital and technology space.

self-learning culture, which is central to keeping pace with the ever-changing technology-driven developments.

… actively and continuously towards a digitally enabled and robust storytelling environment from the African continent.

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