A new way to online shopping with Puma

Today’s technology is moving at such a fast pace,  allowing loyal shoppers access to brands/products from anywhere in the world. Puma has introduced an exciting way of online shopping. Shop-able videos that allow customers to shop as they watch. The sportswear company’s latest experiment allows viewers to immediately purchase items from their recent “Evolve” campaign. The interactive video technology is an initiative that was created by Smartzer – a business that collaborates with companies in providing an interactive video platform for web and mobile use.

Video shopping

This video I have shared a link to features the English footballer Adam Lallana. Notice that while the video runs customers are able to click on the Puma logo that pops up on a certain piece of clothing that he is wearing. The pop up feature provides customers with more information about the piece and gives them an option to share the information on social media or to purchase the product immediately. The video incorporates entertainment and shopping at the same time. The question is, will inter-active video shopping beat the traditional way of online shopping? Click on the image below to watch this video.

Puma interactive video 3

Traditional online shopping Vs Interactive video shopping

Let’s start with the basic  definition from Wikipedia: “Online shopping is a process of customers finding a product of interest by visiting a website or by searching for the product on a search engine”.  With traditional online shopping, customers have to go through a catalogue in search of a particular item of clothing or furniture that they want. With interactive video the items are already displayed on a person and the items are matched for the consumer to see how they’ll look when put together. Both online shopping and interactive video shopping allow you to share product information on social media and they both offer electronic payments.

The opportunity to purchase your favourite products with just a click of a button in the comfort of your home is definitely a PLUS for anyone that hates the stress of actually going shopping. Puma has elevated online shopping with their exciting interactive video shopping and the world will definitely catch up with this new trend soon.  This is an example of a brand that understands the importance of brand consistency and building a series of products that enhance the brand’s identity.


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