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Famous author Stephen Covey is credited as the one who introduced the world to the 90/10 principle. So as I stumbled on this theory of reaction, I thought to myself how does one react to all the tweets & status updates if they only account for 10%?

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Source: http://www.intentionallydigital.com/2012/09/08/show-7-the-9010-rule/

One the famous mobile operator in our country reacted badly to a netizen and I would like ask for comments on how you the reader of this piece would have reacted to this 10 %.

See the Storify post as captured by ourData-ScientistJoJi Mrwebi, on this link >>> http://storify.com/JojiMrwebi/telkommobileza

NB – When you’re done do leave us a comment on how you would have reacted.



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