The youth and Social Media

Youth marketing is fast becoming the benchmark for any effective marketing strategy. Why are marketers targeting the youth differently to other market segments? The answer is laid out clearly by the American Press Institute, who say that the youth consumes information and news differently to other market segments. 

Why millennials?

According to Pew Internet, (a research company that did an overview on young people, social media and technology), nearly three-quarters of young adults and teens use smartphones and 92% go online daily, while a solid 24% are constantly online. 

We cannot ignore the vast creative abilities of newly developed smartphones which are  fueling a shift in the communication landscape, not just among the millennials, but for the marketing and advertising industry as a whole.

“Millennials use a variety of social networks for news and information, especially Facebook” – American Press Institute

Digital tools and platforms are changing communication channels and how we basically take in information. Visual communication has become such a worthy asset to own for a lot if not, all businesses. One of the benefits of visual communication is immediacy. 


“… Whether you are seeking to communicate complex information, such as with statistical information, or seeking to emphasize the importance of an idea, visual communication can often accomplish these tasks much more quickly than verbal communication.” ~ extract from


Q.Why is it easier to use millennials for campaigns?

Millennials are easier to analyse, they engage more, thus making it easier to measure and gather social data from them.

Q.What percentage of young people make use of social media?

According to Pew Internet, 95% of young people 12-17 years old use the internet, and 81% use social media.

Q.What percentage of bullying does cyberbullying account for?

 52 % of young people report being cyberbullied.

Q.Why millennials and not any other age group?

Millennials are on the frontier of technology and social media and set trends.


What you need to know about social media and the youth


  1. The widely known adoption of social media and digital technologies by young people is leading to an anti-social youth.
  2. Social media  platforms have led to an improvement in self-education for most young adults.
  3. More schools are encouraging their students to use technology to assist with their studies.
  4. Messaging via social media is more popular than phone calls or traditional texting.
  5. More and more businesses are leaning towards social media platforms to market and advertise their products and  services.

Mark Zuckerberg, whose name has become synonymous with Facebook , was onto something when he shared Facebook’s mission,”to make the world more open and connected”.

Should young people be the target of social media campaigns? Let us know what you think.

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