7 tips to create instagram account that attracts potential clients

Did you know, more than 800 million people, universally use Instagram to view videos, share pictures as well as promote their business?

Instagram is a platform that generally has the most engagement stats. 

If you have more engagement on Facebook, it is likely because you have more “friends” on Facebook, and less followers on Instagram.

If you are trying to get more appreciation and acknowledgement for your business or brand, Instagram is probably your best tool – if used effectively. 

Let’s cut straight to the chase, on how can you create a great Instagram account to attract followers, potential clients or even customers.

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1) Link your Instagram page, to your Facebook page

First things first, link your Instagram page, to your Facebook page.

This gives you the platform to view insights such as knowing exactly what time/day to post, which helps reach more people without “boosting” your post.

Instagram follower activity numbers fluctuate, this is why you might want to know when the peak times of posting are, specific to your followers.

These insights also measure the gender, age group, reach, impressions, profile visits, as well as top locations of followers.

You only have access to this information once your Facebook Page (not an account with friends but a page with followers) and Instagram page are linked.

You then have the opportunity to activate a CTA on your page, such as “Call” , “Email”, or “Directions”.

2) Have a CTA in your bio, to take users to your website

Give users the choice to find out more about you through a call to action button.

They should be one click away from contacting you, and finding out more about what you’re about!

Your biography space on Instagram is relatively short and simplified, just like on Twitter.

Use this space to give an understanding of what your company or brand specializes in.

Bring in elements in your bio that will make you stand out against your competitors such as humour, tongue in cheek or relevant hashtags.

Side Note – only do this if it complements your brand identity.

Ultimately, the purpose of this, is to come across as human, even if it is a business page.

3) Create single image/ single video story ads

Regardless of the industry, every brand or company should never underestimate the importance of advertising.

Remind followers who you are.

A story appears for 24 hours, then disappears.

This is a great to take advantage of, especially for the days when you don’t post.

Reminding users that you are active will make them less likely to unfollow you.

Getting followers is cool, but remember, you still need to put in the effort to keep them.

4) Find a niche, and stick with it

Appeal to a specific group of people, decide on how to brand yourself, stick with it! Maintain consistency, this refers to image quality as well as how often you post. Just be consistent. 


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5) Start following people or businesses similar to yours

The true essence of this is to “steal” your competitors’ followers.

How to do this?

Start following some of your competitors and be active on their profiles – liking their posts is good enough.

This will place you in a position where your “competitors followers” will spot your likes or activity, increasing “on-click” possibilities to your profile.

Chances of gaining some of their followers?

Pretty high, because you are speaking to your target.

Remember, you and your competitors appeal to the same group of people.

6) Post actively

Be active on Instagram, this is a guaranteed way of getting more followers.

This is tricky in the sense that, it is also a way to lose followers if over-done, and if not executed consistently.

It is easy to post regularly, but the challenge is, posting relevant and quality images/video – consistently.

7) Commit to quality

Instagram is an image-based platform.

The best thing you can do is post high-resolution pictures and videos.

Posting low-res content potentially reflects the quality of your brand/business.

This may not necessarily be true, but presentation is important.

You want to have a good online presence.

Include your logo on the posts, or go as far as hiring a competent graphic designer to design an “identity” for your social media.

This will keep things clean and consistent.


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Instagram is a great tool to get people to know more about your business or brand.

We are living in an age where no-one is interested in reading paragraphs of posts.

Luckily, imagery is effective in terms of making a statement and being remembered.

Don’t just post something because you have content, make sure your content is high quality.

Your page needs to be aesthetically impressive, regardless of the industry you are in.

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