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6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing

If you are running a business enterprise, big or small, you have to be on digital media because that’s where the action is happening. However, if you think otherwise about not being on digital platforms such as social networks your business will potentially be missing out. Here are six reasons why your business needs to be on digital media.


Digital marketing is relatively affordable compared to other forms of marketing. In addition, digital ad spend is more effective compared to traditional marketing.  

Mobile Access  

87% of people on the African continent own mobile phones, that’s where those of them who have access to the Internet spend time searching for news, interact with friends and family on social networks, and engage in countless other activities. As a company, it is very crucial to tap into this space and take advantage to promote your business.


Unlike other forms of marketing which are rigid, digital marketing is flexible and it can be changed or re-adjusted at all times. Digital marketing can open a range of opportunities from text messaging, banner advertising and other forms of content marketing for your business. It also allows you to pilot and pull out a campaign that is not working or performing with ease with limited complications. 


Consumers tend to engage with multiple types of digital content such as video, social media posts, photos and audio clips. All these forms of content can be incorporated or integrated and generate great publicity for your brand. 


Each piece of content that is shared digitally can be monitored to see if the campaign is working effectively or not. It allows you to improve and filter your message while communicating with your current and prospective consumers.


Digital marketing allows you to build an online reputation. It also allows you to communicate directly with your consumers during times of crisis and set the record straight if you are being misunderstood. 

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