5 Reasons Why Your Instagram Account Is at a Stand-Still


Instagram is a great platform for any company to grow digitally.

This platform gives brands the opportunity to grow and also be known. 

However, this has become a bit more challenging for “Instagramers” due to Instagram’s changing algorithms.

If your Instagram account is not growing, there may be reasons for this. 

IG is a “pretty” platform,for brand growth because it is not so much about excessive content, but more about pretty visuals.

If you are wondering why your account is not growing, see if you can relate to this list of 5 potential reasons why your account is probably not growing.

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1. Your Posting Frequency Is Inconsistent.

Your Instagram posting frequency does not have to be extreme, like posting 5 times in one day.

It is however recommended to post a minimum of 3 times per week, and then maintain the rhythm of posting of a weekly basis.

2. Your Content Is Not Interesting.

You’re probably wondering: what makes content interesting?

The most straight forward way one can figure this out on their own, is to put yourself in the shoes of the viewer.

eNitiate | Promise Mchunu | Instagram | 2018


Is your content visually independent?

eNitiate | Promise Mchunu | Instagram | 2018


Is your content visually represented?

eNitiate | Promise Mchunu | Instagram | 2018


Will it catch your attention if you were scrolling?

If you have answered no to any of the 3 questions, it is time to revamp the content that you are sharing.

Always remember to consider the platform, when sharing content.


3. You are Not Engaging Enough.

Engagement is one of those things that remain constant throughout different social media platforms.

This includes commenting and liking photos shared by your followers.

Engagement can also be driven through polls, and posting a question, in the caption of your image.

Replying and showing acknowledgement by liking other Instagramers’ comments will also encourage them to comment in the future.


Interactive map of African countries on LinkedIn

4. You’re Not Putting Effort Into Your Instagram Captions.

Captions play a role in overall engagement.

Sometimes an offensive caption can determine how well a post is engaged with on social media.

Captions can include a few hashtags to describe the image being shared.

5. You Are Not Posting At The Right Time.

To drive engagement, it is important to ensure that you are posting at the peak time when users are online.

You will need a tool for data analytics to access this information that is specific to your followers.

Alternatively, switching your Instagram account to a business account will give you the information you need, and more.


The importance of communication in the workplace


In the world of social media, consistent users are the users that see growth.

Instagram is a great tool to advertise and there is a formula to it.

Post consistently, post good quality content that will encourage engagement, find out when your followers are mostly online, and cater to those times.

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