36 tweeting tips for increasing effectiveness of B2B brands on Twitter

eNitiate | 36 tweeting tips for B2B Bands | Banner | 9 Nov 2020

The 1st of November 2020 marked our 12th year in the business of assisting brands to grow their digital real estate, premised on our unique ability to develop content that counts.

This milestone is worth making a splash about on social media, and we are doing exactly that.

As part of celebrating this momentous milestone, we are publishing 36 tweeting tips for B2B brands in this eNsight, based on our Twitter marketing experience that we amassed over the last 12 years. 

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Fast facts

When we opened for business on the 1st of November, 2008;

  • LinkedIn was 6yrs;
  • Facebook was 4yrs;
  • YouTube was 3yrs; and
  • Twitter was 2yrs old

And, there was no Pinterest, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.

Our 12th anniversary theme

Kwaito – the township-born genre of music that has been a symbol of endurance and a celebration of self-made success from many of South Africa’s poverty-stricken areas – is our theme of the 12th anniversary Twitter campaign.

This music genre is to South Africa what Hip Hop is to the US.

This tweet thread, which was published for the week leading up to the 1st of November, shows how we weaved Kwaito into our 12th anniversary celebration campaign.

And now to the business of this eNsight.

The importance of Twitter to ALL brands

If you have any doubt about the impact of Twitter on topical conversations that  have global reach; the 2020 US elections, and the resultant Donald Trump’s rants about his loss of the Presidency, and doing so primarily on this social network; should provide the evidence.

Trump posted the tweets below on the morning of Friday 6th of November, South African time.

Twitter’s flagging of Donald Trump’s middle tweet in the screen shot above also points to this microblog’s increasing role in the policing of misinformation, a phenomenon that has become part of Trump’s presidency for the last 4 years. 

You can read more about Donald Trump’s #USElections2020 meltdown on Twitter here.

Take a guess

Which social network was used by Heads of State around the world to congratulate now President-Elect Joe bidden? 

The undisputed power of Twitter

This social network has become so powerful that governments and media brands don’t only use it as their foremost communication outreach channel, but also as a de facto source of news and trends, ahead of all the other social networks.

14 years down the line, and we are still sharing tweeting tips?

Twitter has been around since 2006.

You would think “everybody” gets it by now.

But in our experience, B2B (Business-to-business) brands are not sure if Twitter is the right platform for engaging their prospects and customers.

Also, B2B brands seem to be weary of this megaphone that is owned by “unhinged, unruly” Tweeps who can go off the rails at a moment’s notice; creating a publicity nightmare for a brand.

As a result, there are many inactive Twitter accounts belonging to B2B brands.

So, what B2B brands do not hear can’t kill them, right? R-i-g-h-t.

Now, the 36 tweeting tips for B2B businesses

We have been on Twitter since 2012.

The rest of this eNsight is about the 36 tweeting tips we have learnt over the 8-year period, which we broke down into 8 sections for your ease of consumption.

1. General tips

2. Brand development tips

3. Community development tips

4. Content marketing tips

5. Call-to-action tips

6. Content distribution tips

7. Lead generation tips

8. Search engine optimisation tip

As we conclude

The list of 36 tweeting tips we shared in this eNsight is not exhaustive, because it is based on our own experience, having been on Twitter for almost two thirds of its existence.

We have incorporated many, carefully selected tweets as examples to bring the 36 tweeting tips to life.

Some of the examples are our own (and our founder’s) tweets, which we deemed important because we are a B2B brand, and we needed to demonstrate that we practice what we preach.

Other examples are of B2C brands, which we did not find to be an issue because the learnings are just as valuable. 

A word of caution is in order.

There is no expectation that your B2B brand must apply ALL the 36 tweeting tips we shared in order to be successful on Twitter. 

We certainly do not tick all the boxes ourselves, but this is intentional.

However, the more tips that can be used, in an integrated manner, the merrier.

The obvious proviso is that the process of selecting the most relevant tips is thought through as part of Twitter marketing strategy. 

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