Why African digital trends matter in the world

Bra Willy Seyama | eNitiate | South Africa | Nigeria | Egypt | Kenya | Ghana | Morocco | Digital Report 2022 | Africa Digital Trends | Digital Brand Research | Social Media | Search Engines | Online Reviews | Brand Websites | 1 April 2022-banner

This eNsight is part of the Digital South Africa Today 2022 initiative, about which we will share more on our digital platforms as we head towards the 21st April. #21Apr22 #SaveTheDate #DigitalSouthAfricaToday #eNiversity #NeXT pic.twitter.com/8oEVhyh6Ob — eNitiate Digital Content Solutions (@The_eNitiaters) April 1, 2022 In this eNsight, I analyse selected Internet and social media metrics […]