Interactive Map: 2016 LinkedIn Stats for African Countries

African LinkedIn Stats | April 2016

In this post, we present LinkedIn stats (represented by number of accounts) for Africa, broken by country. The stats were collected from the LinkedIn platform itself.

Interactive map: LinkedIn stats of African countries

The LinkedIn stats were found for all the African countries, except for two – Sudan and St Helena.  Visualisation of the stats is in the form of an interactive map below. Hover over any country to see its number of registered accounts as at today, 30 March 2016.

WARNING: This map is static on mobile devices

Linkedin Users by African Country | Apr 2016

Lighter Colours – countries with smallest populations

Lighter Colours – countries with smallest populations


Top 10 African Countries

Top 10 African countries were extracted from the collected LinkedIn stats and are presented in the interactive graph below. We added the following to the graph – Internet penetration, LinkedIn penetration and populations – for a richer comparative analysis.

WARNING: This bubble graph is static on mobile devices. 

LinkedIn Users in Africa | April 2016
NOTE: Size of a bubble signifies strength of LinkedIn penetration

Sources: LinkedIn, Internet World Stats


  • Cumulatively, Africa has over 22 million LinkedIn subscribers, or 5% of LinkedIn universe.
  • LinkedIn penetration (sum of all accounts/population) for all of Africa is 2%.
  • South Africa has the largest number of LinkedIn accounts on the continent, and also the highest penetration at over 9%, followed by Tunisia
  • Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, has the second largest number of LinkedIn accounts, but smallest LinkedIn penetration after Tanzania (0.86%).

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