2 words #MileyCyrus and #Twerking….look what happened

When Miley Cyrus performed at this year’s VMA2013 she left more than just tongues wagging.

As part of what I believe is a “skin shedding ” of some sorts, she  ” twerked ” for Robin Thicke during a collabo perfomance of the hit single  ” Blurred lines “.

According to forbes.com the former Hannah Montannah star has experienced a phenomenal growth in followership & digital downloads as a results of her offline behaviour. Look what happened…….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtAZg3V6GQw

<img src="Miley Cyrus.png" alt="Miley Cyrus ups her Social Media numbers ">

Moral of the story…there has been a debate about how individual conduct affects the social media numbers. The dynamics are different for ordinary people’s conduct on Social Media v/s their professional persona. But with entertainers I guess one can never be too ” sleezy ” or stoop to low to attract a considerable following. I guess we can’t hate the player when its all part of the fame game…..

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