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1+4 Metric Matrix: the perfect science for effective measurement of social media marketing

eBook: 1+4 Metric Matrix 2019

Did you know what the #1 challenge for Digital Marketers is in 2019? According to Sproutsocial, it is the ability to measure social media ROI! This is despite the fact this channel has been around for more 15 years, nor it’s voluminous user generated content, nor its superior data curation capacity that creates enormous opportunities for analysis and insights 🤔.

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In our latest ebook we present The 1+4 Metric Matrix – a model we developed with the sole purpose of providing a scientific process that Digital Marketers can use to effectively measure performance of social media marketing.

For enhanced legibility, flip the ebook in full screen mode (click the bottom right button of the flipbook to open it).


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