11 digital stats about South Africa in 2022 worth knowing

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As the 21st of April 2022 looms – the date for our first ever annual live session on South African digital trends, insights and predictions, titledGlobal Digital South Africa Today 2022, I share a list of 11 digital stats about Mzansi worth knowing in this eNsight.

All the digital stats were extracted from the Digital Report 2022.  

Here goes.

11 digital stats about South Africa in 2022


On average, every South African (ZAn) has 2 mobile phone sims, making the country the leader on the continent with regards to this data point. 


8 in 10 mobile phone sims that are in circulation in the country are Internet enabled (i.e. 3G-5G sims).


All ZAns aged 16-64 have a smartphone.


Internet in South Africa: from luxury to way of life


The average mobile Internet download speed enjoyed by ZAns is 30.54 Mbps. The country has the highest mobile Internet download speed on the continent.


7 in 10 ZAns have access to the Internet, and they spend 2 of every 3 waking hours online. This performance ranks Mzansi number 1 in the world’s 47 leading countries on the Internet, according to the Global Digital Report 2022.


8 out of 10 Web pages in South Africa are served on mobile phones, and only 2 out 10 are served on other devices such as lap tops. The country ranks 2nd, both on the continent and in the world’s top 47 countries, on this metric.


Why African digital trends matter in the world


5 in 10 ZAns are social media users, and spend a quarter of their waking hours on this channel.


While the primary reason for being on social media remains is for networking, this channel is also used by People of the South for work and news, research on brands, and shopping.


Mzansi’s average mobile data cost of 1GB is R39.18 (using today’s $/R exchange rate). The country ranks 24th (note: not first) for the most expensive mobile data on the continent.


How big is the size of the digital marketing economy in South Africa?


eCommerce contributes 3% to ZA’s economy – a 50% improvement on the contribution before COVID-19.

2 in 10 ZAns aged 15+ have a mobile money account, they used online banking in the past year, and they purchase groceries online weekly.


2 in 10 ZAn aged 16-64 own cryptocurrency, making Mzansi one of the top 2 crypto markets on the continent, and also a top 4 ranking among the world’s top 47 countries. 

About the Digital South Africa Today 2022 live session

Join me and my 2 accomplished guests in the session on the 21st of this month, where I shall be adding meaning to some of the 11 digital stats about South Africa that I shared in this eNsight. 

The session will be live on LinkedIn.

I shall also be discussing the insights from, and predictions based on the shared digital trends with my 2 guests – Dr Nkosi Khumalo from Business Connections and Ms Nomvuyo Bengane from BizOil Institute.

Attendees will also have an opportunity to engage with the panel, sharing their own take-outs and associated implications for their businesses and brands.

Will you be able to join us? Click here to find the details. 

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