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Let’s keep the Madiba Legacy Alive.. #RipNelsonMandela

"When a great man dies...the sun never shines." - William Shakespeare Since, the passing of the great late Nelson Mandela the weather and aura in and around Johannesburg has been gloomy. It’s like the world has come to a standstill and the Nation together to honour Mandela. To honour him, let’s keep the spirit of…

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The Power of words: Context vs. #Content

This blog was inspired by a conversation I had with a colleague. As we discussed, the importance of energies and self-actualisation - being in tune with yourself and realising your higher purpose in life. I had an “AHA Moment” as Oprah would say, I realised that I am bound to everything word I say and…

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I am not a vendor, I am a Zulu

Working in digital content marketing in Mzansi can be challenging, given the diversity of our 11 official languages. This Idols SA video reminded me how easy it is for a misunderstanding to arise based on a simple word.

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